Sansouci está situado en Santo Domingo, con edificaciones y atractivo colonial localizado en las proximidades de la Ciudad Colonial y con modernas edificaciones que permiten disfrutar a los turistas de una experiencia única, mezclando lo antiguo con lo contemporáneo.

The Zona Colonial or Colonial City, is one of the most important tourist destinations of Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic and the most visited. The Zona Colonial is just the place where began the story of the New World. It is located next to the river Ozama.

Zona Colonial is the oldest part of the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, capital of the Dominican Republic and was the first city founded by Europeans in America. The name is because this part of the city was founded by Spanish colonists.

Santo Domingo has very varied and interesting areas for tourism, for both the internal and the external. As America's First City, owner of the invaluable ancient buildings. Enough Just hang out in the Zona Colonial, to realize the importance and beauty of these buildings.

At night this place becomes the delight of young and adults, since it has a lot of bars and recreational areas. It is also possible to find in the Colonial Zone with a variety of museums.