The Zona Colonial or Colonial City, is one of the most important tourist destinations of Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic and the most visited. The Zona Colonial is just the place where began the story of the New World. It is located next to the river Ozama.

Zona Colonial is the oldest part of the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, capital of the Dominican Republic and was the first city founded by Europeans in America. The name is because this part of the city was founded by Spanish colonists.

This area of Santo Domingo  has colonial buildings and old cobbled streets with high tourist appeal, such as the Alcazar de Colon (that belonged to Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus), the Museum of the Royal Houses and the First Cathedral of America . Because there are hotels that national (as the Count of Peñalva hotel) and international (such as the Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando in the house of Nicolás de Ovando). Most hotels are in the Calle El Conde Street and Ladies.

It stretches from north of the George Washington Avenue to the east of the March 30 Avenue until the March 30 is on the corner of Avenida Mexico and south of the avenue to the west of Mexico Avenida Francisco Alberto Camaño. The main streets are Calle Las Mercedes, Calle El Conde y calle las Damas.
The Zona Colonial is one of those places that you can not lose, its streets seem to remain in oblivion, narrow, old, but well preserved, walking anywhere in the area you will find colonial buildings and houses from the colonial era. Here you can find stores in which to buy art Dominican make purchases of any type, listen to music outdoors or spend a romantic moment impossible to forget.

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