Santo Domingo has very varied and interesting areas for tourism, for both the internal and the external. As America's First City, owner of the invaluable ancient buildings. Enough Just hang out in the Zona Colonial, to realize the importance and beauty of these buildings.

At night this place becomes the delight of young and adults, since it has a lot of bars and recreational areas. It is also possible to find in the Colonial Zone with a variety of museums.


Exhibited in these precious stones, items used by early settlers, full houses displaying the lifestyle of people of high society of the past, among other things. Buildings and Monuments The city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán truly can be called a "city under construction."

Every day there are more buildings in the capital city of the Dominican Republic. While his buildings are not higher, interest in the elevation is seeing a need in an overcrowded city like this, where it meets a large part of the total population of the country.


  • The Colonial Area (world heritage)
  • Columbus Lighthouse Alcázar de Colón
  • The Aquarium
  • The Botanical Garden
  • Parque Nacional Los Tres Ojos
  • Park View East
  • Parque Mirador Norte
  • Parque Mirador Sur
  • Cave Rock Art
  • Caverns of underground rivers
  • Parque Nacional Submarino La Caleta
  • Plaza de la Cultura
  • Teatro Nacional