It is the only coral island in the Dominican Republic, a perfect circle between reefs in the middle of the ocean with an inner sandbar. 

Adventure tours and ecology of style, and an island paradise with its amazing coral reef virgin is the best place in the Dominican Republic for snorkeling.

North of the Caribbean island La Española in the Dominican Republic, we are in the city of Puerto Plata. As with the other Greater Antilles, the weather is wonderful. Neither too hot nor too cold all year. The breeze and the tropical vegetation provide a relaxing atmosphere. And the music, either from birds or the drums, listening endlessly.

Between Puerto Plata and the airport have built a tourist section called Playa Dorada. This area is exclusively for tourism. It has several beaches, hotels, restaurants, banks and clubs. Some hotels allow you to preset a price to enjoy all the amenities, including all meals and refreshments - National brand - you want.

Si lo que desea es unas vacaciones interesantes, intensas y con muchas posibilidades de elección, el complejo turístico Playa Dorada es el lugar obligado a visitar. El complejo turístico Playa Dorada se encuentra a 15 minutos del Aeropuerto de Puerto Plata, República Dominicana.