El Salto el Limón is located in the northwest of the Dominican Republic, specifically in the Samaná peninsula, this coastal city of half island, characterized by large expanses of pristine beaches.

To get to Samana from Santo Domingo, you can take the Duarte highway, which takes approximately 4 hours or use the new road or highway that takes approximately 2 hours to reach the province of Samaná, this new course has special characteristics, offering an environment all the way to be admired for its beautiful landscapes and the presence of an exquisite nature.

El Salto El Limon is located in the so-called Sierra de Samaná, and is about 300 meters above sea level, nestled between the lush green mountains of this province of the Dominican Republic, where they vacation or take trips, it is attractive.

El Salto el Limon is located in a rugged by the huge amount of rainfall that fell during the time in the area of the peninsula of Samana, and the rugged mountains of the field, where is located the same, but the trip well worth it, for its extraordinary beauty and tranquility afforded by the environment, surrounded by vegetation without comparison.

El Salto el limon is fed by the Arroyo Chico. Salto el Limon has a height of approximately 40 meters in height.