North of the Caribbean island La Española in the Dominican Republic, we are in the city of Puerto Plata. As with the other Greater Antilles, the weather is wonderful. Neither too hot nor too cold all year. The breeze and the tropical vegetation provide a relaxing atmosphere. And the music, either from birds or the drums, listening endlessly.

Between Puerto Plata and the airport have built a tourist section called Playa Dorada. This area is exclusively for tourism. It has several beaches, hotels, restaurants, banks and clubs. Some hotels allow you to preset a price to enjoy all the amenities, including all meals and refreshments - National brand - you want.

The population of Puerto Plata is cheerful and pleasant. They insist, sometimes too much, in pleasing the tourist. They are healthy and good thoughts to music, especially the merengue. If you do not know to dance, go to Puerto Plata and if not learn it there, at least have fun.

South of the city we see an immense mountain called Loma Isabel de Torres. At the top, where the clouds love to rest, there is a statue of Cristo Redentor and a nice forest of ferns that seem to show. Several years ago we went up through a cable, when we returned to visit in 1998, the funicular was broken and would prefer not to climb by car.

If you need to take a day off so beach, you can take a stroll along the pier that ends at the Castillo San Felipe. Or go to the Amber Museum where they have interesting exhibits these resins petrified. In one of them is caught a lizard. For those who loves nature, one riding in the mountains. Do not worry, it will not reach the top but if you can observe countless birds and plants, some endemic to the island.

For more beaches can take the road leading east towards Samana. In a few minutes to pass the diversion Sosúa. From there the adventure begins. Years ago we came to Las Galeras, at the end of the road and was a unique experience. Villages and hamlets had to stretch themselves in, all very hospitable people we are talking about. Selling all kinds of fruits and foods.

We could not resist chicharrones, the best we have eaten. And had coconut kilometers thick. The view from the mountains and valleys near Las Galeras is incredible. At the crossing we saw beaches, and we bathe in it too, that are not virgins but they seem. If you are going to make this trip early exit from Puerto Plata and make sure the vehicle is in perfect condition. And please, learn to change tires or rubber bands before going out of the cart.

The temperature in Puerto Plata is pleasant throughout the year. If you think staying in one of the hotels in the resorts will only need the trust. In reality, nothing more Europeans use half trus, but well, that question is yours. Maybe you wear something casual to come by if you want to go to the disco or the city. Sandals or tennis shoes, trousers and a blouse or shirt will be enough. Sure, if you can bring elegant costumes to go out at night if you want.