The Pico Duarte has the distinction of being the highest in the entire region of the Caribbean islands. The Pico Duarte is located in the largest range of Hispaniola, the Cordillera Central. 

His name is in honor of the patriarch Juan Pablo Duarte, founding father. Its height is about 3098 meters. At this point it is the tallest of the island, the temperature depends on the height, ranges between zero and five degrees, occasionally showing a minimum temperature of eight degrees, especially in the early morning, the weather is forest wet. 

Each year there are more domestic and foreign hikers join the adventure of climbing to the summit of Pico Duarte. The safest way to climb the peak is accompanied by a guide who knows the route, the journey lasts several days so it is necessary to obtain good physical strength and move all the elements necessary for an adventure of this kind. 

To get to Pico Duarte, there are several routes which include: Cienaga del Municipio Jarabacoa, Mata Grande San Jose de las Matas and Constance. Permission to climb the peak is acquired in the administrative offices of the peak, located in the same place. 

The climb to the peak can be done on foot or by mules that are rented by residents. Climatic factors such as rainfall can accompany you in this wonderful adventure. On the way to the summit also enjoys beautiful landscapes crisscrossed by rivers flows. 

The view is enjoyed while at the Pico Duarte is impressive, bright sunlight illuminates magical place so different and eye-catching shades giving a predominantly green, the cool climate and contact with nature are all elements that unite to result in an unforgettable experience.