Cabarete is located about 15 minutes of road east of Sosua on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This beach town is located between a bay and a lagoon, is very popular among the young people. The atmosphere is casual and colorful mix of national folklore, international tourism, the sport of windsurfing and adventure tourism.

Its attractions include the scenery of the mountains, two lakes (Cabarete and Punta Goleta), and their caves near the village of descendants of black freedmen brought from the United States in the last century. From the geomorphological point of view is situated in the coastal plain of Yásica.

Cabarete is known internationally for its exceptional conditions for windsurfing. In its waters have been held several championships tournament World Cup Windsurfing Association and takes place every year the world cup amateur, the Cabarete Race Week. There are several schools of windsurfing events throughout the year.

Besides windsurfing, Cabarete is known for its tourism and adventure sports. There are many organized tours to go through the fields inland, montée ride bicycles, or watch the birds in Cabarete Lagoon.

Cabarete is home year after year of substantial evidence on the World kitesurf and windsurf (PKRA, PWA), is home to many schools in these sports and other adventure sports, with several organized tours, or eco-tourism, with various species of birds to see.

Playa Cabarete, a beach of golden sand and found the white waves, winds and crystal clear waters, perfect ingredients for practicing kitesurf or windsurf, this area also has a large number of apartments and hotels in the vicinity, in addition to restaurants, bars, discos and a great life, both day and night, but also can relax and perform other activities. Your holiday will be wonderful in Cabarete.