At 20 minutes from La Romana we found Bayahibe, a small population of fishermen, where is one of the most beautiful beaches in the east: Bayahibe beach. Where the white sand beach, fishing craft, humble dwellings, hotels and modern floristic endemism (Pereskia Quisqueyana Bayahibe or flower) are combined. Where they leave hundreds of tourists daily to enjoy the beaches of Isla Saona.

Dominicus Beach is one of the most popular in the area. Since both and from the port of La Romana set sail boats, catamarans and boats to Isla Saona and Island Catalina. The Saona Island is larger than Catalina area and is within the Parque Nacional del Este. Isla Saona is a beauty, or rather a paradise where one can enjoy its beautiful beaches, see the mangroves, go diving and other water sports. There are many local agencies where you can spend a whole day to hire any of the two islands.

In the clear beaches of Bayahibe and Dominicus the guests can easily move to the Saona and Catalina islands to observe the protected wilderness areas and National Park East.

In June 1999, Saint George the boat sank 35 meters deep in front of the Viva Resorts (Club Viva Club Viva Dominicus and Dominicus Palace). With the collapse is to create a protected habitat for flora and fauna, thus preserving the environment of the area. This artificial reef can be visited by tourists in the area.