Often compared to Santo Domingo, Santiago, the second largest city, is habited by people who prefer a less chaotic lifestyle. Home to more than 750,000 people, this city is the cultural center of the country. In addition, Santiago is home to most of the presidents of the nation, which gives the city a right-deserved pride.

One of the main attractions of the city center, where the word boredom does not exist, Calle del Sol is known as the main shopping district of the city, the street is populated with shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and a wide range business.


North of Calle del Sol is Parque Duarte. A popular area for walking and fun to get in contact with the residents, this shady park is a great example of the relaxed lifestyle of Santiago.

An ideal place for lovers of snuff and a perfect place to unwind after a day of shopping is the Museum of Snuff. Visitors will learn about the art of making cigars while buying some of the best known brands in the country. Located in Santiago, would be a sin to leave the Cibao Valley without stopping at this museum is unique in its style.

People from all over the world visit each year to be in Santiago one of the delicate accommodations that meet the needs of any traveler. Additionally, the city offers a vibrant nightlife and a variety of shops only comparable to that offered by the capital city.

Most travelers know how convenient it is to have something extra. Santiago provides additional benefits as an alternative airport to Puerto Plata. Also, the two airports are about equidistant from Monte Cristi and other destinations in the northwest of the Dominican Republic.